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ZooMed Plastic Feeding Tongs are basic Tongs which can be used for feeding defrosted (rodents) or live foods (insects) to reptiles and snakes. Feeding from tongs can have many benefits:

  • You do not get your germs on to your reptiles food
  • You do not get bacteria on your hands from the food
  • The preys scent does not get on your hands
  • The prey does not smell like you and is more likely to be eaten
  • Your snake or lizard is less likely to mistake your hand for food
  • Decreases your chance of being bitten
  • More hygienic way of removing old uneaten prey
  • More pleasant feeding experience for squeamish people and pet sitters!

ZooMed plastic tongs are a simple design, durable and easy to clean. A very sensible buy for any carnivorous or omnivorous reptile or snake owner.

Suitable For:

  • Feeding Defrosted Mice / Rats/ Chicks / Rodents
  • Feeding Insects
  • Feeding to Snakes / Large Lizards / Turtles
  • Squeamish people!